CCCB – Pantalla Global

For the Centre of Contemporary Culture in Barcelona we designed the content for one of the spaces for its exposition “The Global Screen”. Our brief was to develop an interactive section illustrating the power of the screens in a gaming context. Our response was to play with the actual exposition space and - via augmented reality – make the spectator play with the elements found in it. They found CCTV cameras that turned into machine guns, fire extinguishers on fire, picture frames that turned into video games,…
The exposition, after being in Barcelona for some months, will be featured at the San Telmo Museoa in Donostia, Spain and then in the Centro de las Artes Monterrey, Mexico.
It was developed hand in hand with the production company Boolab for whom we have to thank for the video of the project.

The fire extinguisher seemed to have a problem.

Trending topics were used as ammunition against a digital character who also attended the exposition.

When visitors looked up at the ceiling, they discovered that they, instead of being observers in an exposition, they had actually become part of it and were being observed themselves.